Massy Ferguson – Run It Right Into The Wall.

massy ferg 1

Massy Ferguson
Run It Right Into The Wall.
At The Helm Records

Country Rock For The Grunge Generation.

I really liked Massy Ferguson’s previous release Victory & Ruins so much it made my 2014 Top 10 albums of the year; so got a bit excited at receiving this album.
WOW! I wasn’t prepared for the power and punch of opening track Gallipoli at all. The band don’t hold back on this epic tale of young Australian soldiers being sent to their death in WW1. Perhaps an odd choice of subject matter for a Seattle band; but a story well worth telling and hopefully it will make a lot of people research this tragic piece of history.
The band sound a whole lot angrier and even passionate than I remembered; with Firewall using that modern piece of technology as a metaphor in a tale of a relationship breakdown; and let me tell you that, not for the only time on the album the Adam Monda’s guitar sounds quite menacing at times.
For a four piece band, Massy Ferguson can kick up quite a storm; with both Santa Fe and Special Meds being angsty Twang infused Alt. Country; but with an 80’s Indie-Rock feel to them too.
With that in mind, apparently the band have been re-listening to the music they grew up to like REM, Spin Doctors and the Drive By Truckers in the run up to going into the studio and that comes across on the likes of Front Page News and Dogbone to some degree; but never sounding like copiests.
On Into The Wall the band even include what sounds like a drum machine and a hypnotic guitar at the beginning but the song itself bursts out like the monster in Alien; setting my adrenaline running for the first time in ages.
Conjuring up a little bit from all of those bands from their collective youth, Away From the Devil is the prefect antidote to all that insipid naval gazing stuff that passes for Country music these days; lots of fuzzy Twang, punchy drumming and a voice that nearly spits out the lyrics.
Good as that is; my favourite track here by far is Front Page News. A slow and slightly Gothic that describes a break up in a completely different way to anything I’ve heard before; and not forgetting that there is a Nirvanaesqe spine to the track too.
A lot of albums I receive are identi-kit in format; so yet again Massy Ferguson have been like a ‘breath of fresh air’ again with an excellent set of well constructed and intelligent songs that will appeal to Rockers of all ages and persuasions too.

Released July 1st 2016


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