Dave Arcari – Hellbound Train EP

dave arcari hellbound 1

Dave Arcari
Hellbound Train EP
Buzz Records

Raw and Earthy Country Blues From The Scotia Delta.

An Arcari gig is a rare thing to behold, and it doesn’t matter if he’s solo or with a band……..you leave dripping in sweat and your head ringing with his raw take on Delta and/or Chicago Blues in a way no one else I can think of can deliver on a regular basis. His studio recordings still capture that adrenaline fuelled magic; but in a more fervent and controlled manner.
I couldn’t believe it when I read that this EP ( a taster for a forthcoming album) is his first recording in over 3 years; but without spoiling anything……the wait is definitely worth it.
The EP opens with Dave creating sparks on his trademark Resonator guitar as he growls the lyrics to the less than ‘radio friendly’ version of Hellbound Train (a sweary free version tail ends the disc); and our favourite hirsute Glaswegian shows he is not only on top form; but on fire too!
This is followed by the less frantic Good Moonshine which features some really intricate picking as Arcari tells a wonderful tale of touring the Southern States and drinking ‘Good Moonshine.’
While the title track; in both versions is ‘trademark’ Dave Arcari; but I rather like the more introspective and smoother Travelling Man which will probably get ignored by the popular press and more likely the set list for forthcoming gigs; which is a shame because it not only shows a more tender side to the songwriter but shows he can sing a song too.
Last but not least; is a love letter to Son House with the inclusion of the heart shredding Pearline; which sounds like Arcari not quite ‘messing about’ in the studio; but just ‘doing it for himself’ and not giving a toss if it ends up on disc; and is all the better for that laid back attitude.
This Dear reader is THE BLUES in all it’s ragged glory; and you should check it out instantly!

live splash

Released June10th 2016


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