Sinderins – Sinderins

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MADM Records

Deeply Rooted in Folk But With So Much More Too.

Sinderins are something of a Scottish Songwriters Collective; or more specifically a Dundee Songwriters Collective; originally based around the late lamented Thomson’s Bar in that beautiful city.
Primarily based around Stevie Anderson, Gavin McGinty, Dave Webster, Billy Fisher and Tom Barbour Sinderins regularly fill 3-400 seater venues around their home country, but are virtually unknown further South which is a shame and hopefully this record will put that right.
Opening track All Join Hands certainly has a cool Celtic feel to it; but could just as easily be a traditional Appalachian Folk song or something from the hipsters in Toronto.
Next up we have a more subtle and more melodic twist with For Every Road, a Traveller which conjures up thought of a Genesis influenced Big Country; if that’s not too odd a concept…..I likes it by the way.
It’s not made clear who sings what; and I think each member gets a go at times; but that’s not really as an issue as this album is just that; an ‘album’ with each song here on its own merits and should be listened to for that very reason.
While obviously rooted in Folk music; there are more twists and turns here than on a Mountain road; with the multi-layered and atmospheric The Devil Wears No Disguise sounding nothing at all like Neon Cherry Blossom, which is an evocative love song that starts John Martynesque then builds into something of a fist pumping and intense Folk Rocker.
Being Folkies with a conscience I’m pleased to say that there is even a biting and brooding song about the troubles that blight our world these days, namely trouble and strife which has caused a Refugee Crisis that shames us…..Walls Come Tumbling Down gets right to the heart of the matter; and should be played to politicians of all persuasions daily.
All three songsfully deserve their place here.
Favourites? Obviously the single Fayre which is a great example of the Folk Rock I flirted with in my teens; but the prize goes to Button Pressing; with the opening line ‘Gone are the days men opened doors/manners have been blown out the window’ and a quirky Jazz-Folk hybrid evolves evoking memories of Alex Harvey in the deliberate way each word is forced out over a piano led rhythmic beat. Love it!
Sinderins are ‘different’ certainly; and that’s a very, very good thing in this beige world.

Released June 24th 2016

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