Rebecca Pronsky – Known Objects

pronsky 2

Rebecca Pronsky
Known Objects
Acme Hall Studios AHR 0100

An Exciting New Folked-Up Direction For New York Singer-Songwriter.

I like Rebecca Pronsky; having seen her play live twice and favourably reviewing her previous album Only Daughter a few years ago; but and it’s a big but; this has been a very challenging album to listen to.
The album gets off to a great start with Bag of Bones; an up-tempo and literate story about self-doubt and the potential for a songwriter to ‘dry up;’ and it is easily one of Rebecca’s finest songs to date.
From then on in the mood darkens; with the following track Nothing Yet sounding like the singer is on the brink; but the brink of what I’m not sure.
Probably my favourite song here, Did You Know finds Rebecca at the piano with an orchestral backing; not to far away from the likes of Carole King’s Tapestry era.
Snowing Sideways is possibly the one song that ‘sounds like’ what I expected; a very personal account set to music; and in its own way, rather beautiful.
‘Interesting’ is a word that kept cropping up when I was scribbling notes; none more so than A.E. Which is a song about some newly published revelations about Amelia Earhart and Rebecca’s disappointment with the findings haunts the song like a thick suburban fog.
I do like the inclusion of left-field cover versions on albums; and here I sort of recognised Heatwave when I first heard it; especially the chorus but couldn’t figure out why; then I picked up the Press Release only to find the original is by Glasgow’s *second finest group, The Blue Nile and a song I absolutely loved many years ago. Although slowed down to a crawl, Rebecca certainly does the song justice and at times her voice sounds almost angelic.
While all singer-songwriters are Folkies at heart; Known Objects sounds like Ms. Pronsky immersed herself in the works of Joan Baez, Nanci Griffith and Joni Mitchell before entering the studio. Obviously that’s not a bad thing; and with her existing talents this album could, and will become a firm favourite for many people; just not me.

*The Sensational Alex Harvey Band are #1

Released June 10th 2016


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