DH Lawrence and the Skiffle Show – Black Rain (single)

DH Lawrence and the Skiffle Show
Black Rain (single)

Released 17th June 2016

Challenging Psych-Folk-Country Crossover.

Friends of the Rocking Magpie DH Lawrence and the Skiffle Show have come up with a deep, dark surprise with this new collaborative ‘single.’

The back-story is every bit as fascinating as the music itself. Three members of the Skiffle Show work in the Health Services, and as such are privy to all kinds of books, studies, videos and assorted things; and it was here they discovered the Artwork of Australian Eugenie Lee; who’s multi-platform works came about after Doctors would ask her to describe her ‘pain’ on a scale of 1 to 10. She didn’t think of her pain in that way; but as abstract forms……which she has turned into stunning works of conceptual art, crossing many boundaries.
This set our musician friends brains into gear and they wrote Black Rain while studying these works; then asked Eugenie if they could incorporate her work into the accompanying video……she said “yes.”
Sounding nothing at all like anything they’ve ever done before it took me more than a little bit surprise; but after listening several times now, and watching some drafts of the accompanying video I ‘get it’ now and hope you will too.




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