Evolution Emerging – Ouseburn, Newcastle


Evolution Emerging
Ouseburn, Newcastle
May 28th 2016.

Several years ago The Evolution Festival in Newcastle hosted some amazing acts from Tinie Tempah through The Kills to Paolo Nutini and the legend, Iggy Pop; but the lasting legacy has been the Evo Emerging Festival held on a Friday night across pubs, cafes and a variety of rooms based around The Cluny in the Ouseburn Valley and featuring scores of predominantly young up and coming bands and singer-songwriters from across the North East of England.
This year on the last Bank Holiday Saturday of May 2016 we saw 44 artists play in 10 venues in Ouseburn, Newcastle. The weather was deceptively warm and sultry and the atmosphere was amazing. Like most other fans I caught a few full sets and one or two from others and missed about 2-3 that I really wanted to see; but had a great time running from venue to venue bumping into friends, comparing notes and hearing suggestions about band or singers I ‘simply shouldn’t miss!’

Here is what 137 Imaging captured for Rocking Magpie:

immy Williams – Cluny 2:

immy 2v

immy Williams started my Evo Emerging experience this year to a packed out Cluny 2 at 5pm. She showcased her own talents and then gave us a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. Being a huge Fleetwood Mac fan I was nervous; but she made this mass covered song her own. A brilliant opener to the day’s events.

The Welcome Party – The Tyne Bar:


I had only heard of The Welcome Party a few weeks ago through a friend and promised I would check them out. Their loud alt-rock sounds definitely added to the sunny vibes for those that could get near the packed stage area.

Jake Houlsby – Cumberland Arms:

jake houlsby

I heard the name via The Rocking Magpie and had a quick listen to Jake a few months back and now I can say I am so glad I got to see him live. There’s something charming about the local singer-songwriter and something mesmerizing about his performance too. His last track, an instrumental was, in my opinion, reminiscent of Lindsay Buckingham of my all time favourite band, Fleetwood Mac.

SoShe – Cobalt:


I thought I had more time to dash from Cumberland Arms to Cobalt, but was very wrong and literally caught the last number of SoShe and I am thankful I caught something and witnessed the atmosphere inside Cobalt. The sound was loud and full of rich RnB-pop sounds sending those inside a bit mental.

Eva Stone – Cluny 2:

Eva 1

Eva Stone was a name that came to me after my mammoth backpacking trip. There was something that drew me to her music but I never quite caught a show until this event. She was my top pick of must-sees and I was right to stay by that decision. She started with just her vocals. It was haunting. It was beautiful. Her band then joined in and it was more! Cluny 2 was silent throughout every song. I think it was more because we were lost for words watching this beautiful performance.

She Drew The Gun – Cluny:

sdtgt 3

This was a last minute addition for me. They are playing Glasto this year and I believe many others had heard this news too so packed into The Cluny. The visuals to their set were amazing and matched their ‘dreamy-lyrical psych pop’ sound. You can see why they won and it was brilliant seeing their billing at this years Evolution.

Yuma – Ernest:


Yuma are a folky-blues duo that I discovered about six weeks ago as a support act. There is something endearing about them and their deliverance kind of makes you want to sit by a campfire with your marshmallows and a few beers! Some songs are sad but it is that warmth that keeps you on their every note. Singer, Shannon Powell, apologised that she was a bit under the weather and minus the few coughs I honestly could not tell. To me it was pitch perfect.

Kate Edwards – Blank Studios:

Kate n2

21:30 hours on this day tore my musical heart! I have been lucky to catch Kate a few times before, and the way she plays the keyboards is light and dreamy and compliments her soft voice and lyrics. I only managed to squeeze into a packed out Blank Studios for two numbers and I am so glad I ran until my legs could run no more to capture this.

Soham De – Ernest:

soham d

Soham’s set was my final at this years Evo. He first came to my attention back in February, hailing from Kings Lynn and now studying in Durham he has been adopted to the North East music scene playing many open mics as well as a few support slots. His smoky voice, guitar strums and lap tapping definitely gets you listening as well as talking about afterwards. In the few times I have seen Soham, he seems to be getting more confident in his audience interaction too and tonight’s audience were on his every word.


And that was just a small selection of 2016’s Evolution Emerging. Huge thanks to Generator for organizing it and a big pat on the back to all the incredible artists for their incredible sounds.

courtesy L’il Vik aka Victoria Ling

more here – http://137imaging.co.uk


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