Shura – Koko, London

Shura 2

Koko, London
1st June 2016

My trips to see my favourite artists seem to get crazier and crazier. Let’s take 1st June 2016, for example. I had a ticket to see Shura on the 26th May at the Shepherds Bush Empire, then something happened meaning I had to sell my ticket, then the date changed and so did the venue.
New date – 1st June.
New venue – Koko in Camden.
New plan – I was going to make this gig, leaving on a coach at 7am from Newcastle and return on the 7am from London the next day.

So, the coach arrived an hour and a half later than expected because of things ‘beyond our control’ but then when we finally got to Camden things were looking up. We got to the front of the queue and then to the barrier and almost bang centre in front of the stage as soon as the venue opened. Being at the front was vital for me as I am not the tallest of people. This was the first time I’d been to this venue too and it was beautiful.

Support of the night came from Pumarosa – a heavy electro-rock sounding band with front-woman Isabel throwing in some hypnotic moves with her arms from time-to-time. With the sounds coming from all angles. my eyes were spinning watching each member and I was almost put into a trance with their energy.

Showtime was advertised as 9pm for headliner Shura. 9pm came and the atmosphere was electric. People had traveled far and wide to be here. Some had started queuing two hours before doors. We were ready! 9:10 house lights go down and the chants start. Few moments later Shura and her boy are on stage and we are alive! So are the photographers it seemed and thankfully it was only for the first three numbers as a Shura show is something that needs to be seen and felt at the same time…and seems ‘photographed too’ as those guys in the pit were all over each other trying to get ‘the shot’!

Shura’s video for her new single What’s It Gonna Be was released the same day; and has a 80s teen movie feel to it with the best ending ever. Seriously, watch it. It is as the kids say these days, ‘has the feels’. I believe the song was performed live for the first time too, at this gig and it went down a storm. The crowd were ‘in the moment’, and Shura looked like she certainly ‘felt the moment’ and was beaming from ear to ear at every possible ‘moment’ all night, and even at one point she just stared at all those at the front then reached out and Hi-fived the whole front row – well those that were quick enough to react. Sadly I just missed out. I say sadly, as if you were there YOU would have wanted that hi-5! The other big hits that blew up the Internet over these past two years came, with the whole venue singing along to every single word. Her backing band were brilliant (as ever) too and were making just as many feet shuffles as the girl of the night (I was going to say lady but I am sure I read she was ‘far from a lady’ *insert smiley face) Also the ‘famous’ hair flicks were there throughout the night making it even more complete!

Shura 1

Hearts melted when the opening bars of 2Shy were played and for second time of the night the stage lights reflected on the venues huge glitter ball and just had everyone in awe. Then the time somehow slipped us by and we were into the last song and as ever the perfect ending came with White Light. The middle break of that song just sends your emotions crazy and even Shura, as if you could see her hit that sample pad – well it is a wonder that it is still in one piece.

The whole night seemed to go over with a click of the fingers. Seeing a Shura show is definitely true to the phrase, ‘time flies when you are having fun.’ The only disappointment I heard of the night was that Just Once was missing from the set list (and that the night was over too quickly) then if you were quick enough to realize, we had actually just witnessed the album Nothings Real played back in its entirety This night in Koko was the album play back party for the fans. Some of us knew and some of us were just living the moment so to have Just Once omitted made sense. Brush these two moments aside and it 1st June 2016 goes up there as one of the best live shows I have ever seen….and the hiding out in two 24 hour places and a walk through Central London to the coach station until the 7am journey back to Newcastle was worth every single second and a huge thanks to one half of Planet Shura (Twitter fan site) for the company adding to this crazy gig trip.

Courtesy L’il Vik aka Victoria Ling ( http://137%20imaging/ )


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