Lera Lynn – Resistor

lera lynn resistor poloroid

Lera Lynn

All Consuming Emotionality that Puts the Alt. Into Lo-Fi.

I first heard of Lera Lynn a few years ago when a friend pointed me to her spine-tingling version of Ring of Fire, which I played three or four times on the old Radio Show; but subsequently she has gone off my radar (more fool me!) until now.
I received this album a good few weeks ago and it’s been a really difficult one to review; as it is intentionally and intellectually challenging…..deliberately so.
But; thankfully for you I’ve been having trouble sleeping again; and three nights ago played this on headphones at 3am……..I get it now.
Even opening track; the relatively ‘upbeat’ Shapeshifter isn’t always easy to listen to; even with the first of Lynn’s cool Twangy guitar playing that accompany her smoky almost breathless singing style.
Next up is Little Ruby, a late night greasy love note to a ‘pretty little waitress/living in a big mess/maybe hiding out from the poh-lice’ or is Ruby a ‘a scissor handed hack hairdresser/or a mermaid living under water/or a Preachers daughter?’ We never find out but the understated sexual tension in every line and note brought a line of sweat to my brow.
The brooding intensity of a couple of songs; I’m thinking Cut + Burn and Fade Into The Black threatens to overwhelm the listener at times; but Lera’s captivating and smouldering voice keeps you with her and if your aural investment pays off each time.
At times Lera Lynn comes across as a young Lucinda Williams (For The Last Time) and at others the shoe-gazing era Cowboy Junkies (Slow Motion Countdown and the enigmatic Run The Night) but always Lera Lynn.
With albums like this it’s always difficult to choose a ‘favourite’ but Lera’s distinctive and ‘sexy’ voice, aligned to the fuzzy guitars and punchy yet undertstated bass and drums on the awesome Drive keep dragging me back time and time again; so the title goes to that impassioned four minutes; but tomorrow it could be something different.
Fiercely independent Lera Lynn not only financed this, her third album herself and alongside co-producer Joshua Grange play virtually every instrument on the album and that freedom of expression comes across like a Summer thunderstorm.
While not necessarily for everyone; Resistor by Lera Lynn is sure to appear in many 2016 Top 10 Albums of the year.


Released April 29th 2016


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