Rod Melancon – LA14

rod melancon b

Rod Melancon
Blue Elan Records

Friday Night Small-town, Blue Collar Alt. Country.

This has been sitting in my ‘to do’ box for quite a few weeks; and last week I received a second copy as there is about to be a UK release too; so, as I likes it… goes!
With the help of former guitarist with Dwight Yoakam, Brian Whelan producing, this is Rod Melancon’s third foray out into the big bad world;following two full-length albums – ‘My Family Name’ (2012) and ‘Parish Lines’ (2014). If opening track, the fist pumping, dark and heartfelt Perry is anything to go by, he has a huge future ahead of him.
The song is draped around some very punchy drumming and Melancon’s gruff voice won me over after less than a minute.
With only 5 songs here; I can discuss each one in all its glory; so track #2, the Bromance Dwayne and Me dives deep into Steve Earle territory with its evocative tale and powerful imagery conjuring up images of swamp lands of South Louisiana where Melancon grew up.
I will deftly squeeze past track #3 and tell you about Lights of Carencro; a real left-fielder of an Alt. Country song; with Melancon using a distorted mic to deliver a ‘talking Blues’ not akin to a CB Radio; filling the backing with crazily fuzzy guitars, dark bass and deceivingly thumping drums to combine to make a scary and great track. Honestly. Think Jim White, fronting the Scorchers and you will get my meaning.
Then; just as you are recovering from that onslaught Melancon shows his sensitive side on the beautiful love story, By Her Side which closes the EP.
Remember track #3 which I missed; well….everything you need to know about this rollicking song that rips the Alt. Out of Country is in the title A Man Like Me Shouldn’t On a Gun! A great story and some smokin’ hot fiddle playing make for the stand out track; bar none on a cracking sampler of Melancon’s work.
There are a million comparisons I can make…..but won’t. Rod Melancon has the talent to be a big star in our small pond; you heard it here first!

UK & Europe Release June 17th 2016
USA Release May 9th 2016

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