Charlie Faye and the Fayettes – self-titled CD

charlie faye

Charlie Faye and the Fayettes


Hey, hey, hey This Is The Sound Of Summer 2016!

It’s only when I listen to the very occasional album like this I realise that my musical world normally takes itself far too seriously and usually wallows in abject miserabilism.
So; for the last few weeks this debut (?) album by Charlie Faye and the Fayettes has been like an in-between sorbet; delightfully masking the woes of the world around me.
Let’s start with the Album cover, a photo of three pretty girls; because if you or I were in a record shop (remember them?) I’m pretty sure the chic artwork would attract our attention and make us want to hear the contents.
Then when the snare drum intro to first track Green Light bounces out of the speakers; ears will prick then Charlie’s super-sweet voice and the catchy melody will instantly have your toes tapping and your lips smiling.
By track #5; the delicious ballad Heart you will most certainly be Googling the cost of a soft top car; to listen to this album in all it’s sunshiny glory.
Charlie and her Fayettes (Akina Adderley and the Rocking Magpie favourite BettySoo) wear their influences very proudly on their sleeves; from the Shirelles and Ronnettes through Dusty Springfleld; and they may not know it but also the Bangles and a handful of British girl groups from the 80’s on labels like Stiff but more importantly Londoner, Joe Meek’s legendary recordings in the 1960’s.
While sounding intentionally lightweight and frothy, some of the songs here are a lot deeper than you’d imagine; get a listen to Coming Round The Bend and Delayed Reaction to hear great songwriting in the guise of 3 minute Pop Songs.
If I have to point you to a stand out track as a taster; you won’t go far wrong with the bittersweet See You Again; or my personal favourite Sweet Little Messages which is just swoontastic.
Personally I think all my regular readers will love hearing these songs if they were to come on the radio (which they won’t) but if I’m correct I think this album will sneak into hipster coffee shops as an ultra-coll soundtrack; or those bar that sell craft beer to men with tattoos and beards and ladies in gingham dresses that want to look like Jackie Onassis.

Released June 10th 2016

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