Father John Misty – Sage, Gateshead


Father John Misty
Sage, Gateshead
14th May 2016.

Most people will know of Father John Misty as a member of Fleet Foxes, I being one and from afar mainly due to the hype, so I eagerly went along to his headline show at The Sage to see what the fuss was about and I did not walk away disappointed.

Support came from a an impressive trio from Houston, Texas called Khruangbin/ Very much a band of little words, in both song and interaction; but who needs words with the fine guitars of Laura Lee and Mark Speer and drummer DJ. There is even a little bit of glass-bottle playing and a wonderful homage to the purple one, Prince. For those enjoying their drinks on the foyer before the main act, you sure did miss a treat.


The atmosphere in the The Sage was electric as soon as you walked into the building this evening and as soon as the lights went down in Hall One, Father John Misty and band made their way to the stage and it even managed become even more intensified. This was a hot ticket to have – completely sold out and even the first three rows were taken out to make it a standing/dancing area. In fact Hall One could have been totally emptied of seats as even those at the sides chose to be on their feet for the whole night. I was totally in ‘the zone’ from the get-go too.

Starting with Every Man Needs A Companion, everything ran smoothly with the crowd even filling in the gaps, which even FJM commented that they seem far too excited during the ‘in-betweens’ that it is quite unorthodox. In fact there is a lot of crowd banter from FJM and it is reciprocated; as FJM really knows how to work the stage. He gyrates along left to right and with the mic stand and there is a lot of ‘theatrical kneeling in front of the crowd’ and ‘grabbing of hands’ making the chosen few that get do get touched swoon and scream with excitement. I was caught in that moment too, even though I was far back in the hall. He is almost Jarvis Cocker like, but with sexier moves and Nick Cave in presence but with even more Sex Appeal! Impressively too is his guitar throwing to the stage man at the side; who thankfully caught each one. Fun Times In Babylon even has him strum his guitar with one hand on his hip. Very much a stage man is FJM and with the lines, “look out Hollywood, here I come” with the red curtains lit up glamorously highlights this stage persona and the backing band are just as much a part of it.


FJM mentions that the crowd is one of the best he’s had, and I concur as it is one of the most excitable I have witnessed in this fabulous venue, so much so that for True Affection he gets everyone to stand up. We remained until the lights come on, but not before Honeybear which leads us into the much appreciated encore, when Father John Misty’s favourite ever love song is sung……. a cover of the explicit Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’ which definitely echoes the love in the room for the man himself; and then he left us with Ideal Husband, shaking everyone’s hands who have spent all their ‘money getting drunk and high.’

Review and photos Courtesy Lil Vik aka Victoria Ling

Photo-Set : www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154010662455733.1073741948.84126455732&type=3


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