Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Gotta Leave The Lady Alone (45RPM single)

nick pride single

Nick Pride & The Pimptones
Gotta Leave The Lady Alone (45RPM single)
Legere Recordings

Deep Fried Southern Soul From The North Eastern Homelands.

I first discovered Nick Pride and the Pimptones by accident a few years ago; when their distinctive It’s The Pimptones album cover caught my attention on an American website. Two years later I saw they were coming to a local club in Newcastle and got all excited that I was finally going to see this ‘Hip American Jazz/Soul band’; imagine my surprise when I found the same version of English as what I do!!!!!
Any hoot; their last album Rejuiced Phat Shake, has subsequently become a Friday night and Sunday afternoon at Rocking Magpie HQ; so I was giddy with excitement when Head Pimptone Nick got in touch last week to say that a new album (Go Deep) would be released on June 3rd and while I was waiting for a review copy would I like to hear the single. HELL YES!
The A-Side, Gotta Leave The Lady Alone is 100% groovylicious; with Beth Macari singing her pretty little heart and soul out as the Pimptones somehow manage to catch not just a full on Stax sound; but top and tail anything that has come out of Daptone in the last five years.
The ubiquitous Pimptones horn section are augmented by a mad bongo player and a flute (?) that has classical roots; and the end result is absolutely wonderful.
Not only does Beth Macari steal the show again on the B-Side Baby Can We Start Again, a mighty fine a slice of danceable Northern Soul with a super Ska horn riff; but she gives me the opportunity to play Musical Top Trumps. This edgy and fulsome sound goes beyond what we’ve come to expect from The Pimptones; and while there are definite echoes of the now familiar Daptone ‘sound;’ but if you do your research you will find a little known Soul Label out of Memphis called Ecko Records; home to Barbara Carr and Denise LaSalle that has made music like this since 95; and this song fits into that sexy groove just perfectly.
After a bizarre week of freezing cold weather that brought snow and ice to the region; just as I put the disc in the player the sun came out; and these two songs feel like they are heralding the Sound of the Summer when Go Deep finally gets released in June.

Single Released May 13th 2016

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