Eve Selis – See Me With Your Heart

eve selis 1

Eve Selis
See Me With Your Heart

Emotional Return To Form For The Queen of San Diego.

It would be wrong of me to disclose a lady’s age; but suffice to say Eve Selis has been singing her heart out professionally since 1998, and is now a proud Grandmother…..but judging by opening song Fearless Heart both in mood and tempo; Eve Selis isn’t ready for her slippers and a bathrobe any time soon.
The song itself; is as good as anything she’s recorded since I first discovered her music 11 years ago at the inaugural SummerTyne Festival.
A lot has happened in Eve’s life since the year before her last album Family Tree in 2011; and a lot of that has found its way into this set of songs.
I love Eve’s faster rockier songs; but Mrs. Magpie does love the ballads; and as soon as she heard Can’t See Past Myself she smiled and nodded in my direction; presumably because it’s a beautiful; song and not because it’s a sentiment I should adhere to!
The singer’s stalwart band somehow manage to constantly shadow her dusky voice; but never threaten to over shadow her; which must be a problem for guitarist Marc ‘Twang’ Intravaia; who gives a Masterclass in the background; especially noticeable on Beautiful Dreamer and the slow and broody While The Night is Still Young.
Not quite a completely new direction; but the tightly wrapped rocker Little Wars; has a Country beat to it, but somehow had me remembering Eve’s version of Hendrix’s Fire on an early album; and shows that this lady can out-Rock the best of them when she puts her mind to it.
While I hadn’t actually missed it; it wasn’t until Mrs. Magpie returned home after a long car journey, and pointed out The Man He Never Was. Wow…..another staggering ballad; the type you used to hear in Country Music before Heavy Metal took over and a song that had the hair on the back of my neck standing ion end, when I really, really listened to it.
That is now Mrs. Magpies favourite here; but mine is the fist pumping rocker of a love song, Slow Down. If you use your imagination; it’s the type of thing Tina Turner may have sounded like if she’d gone down a Country path after Private Dancer.
See Me With Your Heart comes to a delightful close with Love Has the Final Say; a tale of heartbreak, redemption and most importantly…….hope for the future.
Eve Selis is indeed BACK, and with added fire in her belly again.


Released May 20th 2016

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