David Corley – Available Light

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David Corley
Available Light
Continental Record Services

A Slow Burning Thing Of Beauty.

Up until March 2016 I’d never heard of David Corley; and when Cara Gibney got in touch saying she had the opportunity to interview the singer-songwriter for the website; I was a bit underwhelmed.
Within an hour of posting the interview it received 50 hits; and the numbers kept on dramatically rising for the next 72 hours; pushing it straight into the Top 10 reviews of all time!
I urge you to read Cara’s illuminating interview; but for these purposes I will say that Available Light is Lafayette native David Corley’s debut album, released in 2015……at the ripe old age of 53!
As you would expect, this debut album includes a lifetime of pent-up writing and why he hasn’t had the opportunity to record before I’m beggared if I know why. This guy has such an articulate way with words; and such a skillful way of constructing a song you’d think he had sat at the feet of Dylan, Cohen and/or even James Taylor.
The title track Available Light opens the album and Corley’s gravel tones; alongside a really tightly wrapped band had me one over within seconds. Reminding me of a young Tom Waits or perhaps Joe Cocker if he’d trod a Folk path, Corley has one of those voices that only a mother (or me) could love; and should reduce even the stoniest of souls to mush.
On Lean, Corley can get his story of self-examination across in a couple of minutes; but more often than not, he treads his own path; unencumbered by record executives and if a story needs seven and a half minutes; as the stunning Calm Revolution does that’s how long he takes; and even then not a second sounds wasted.
The instrumentation behind Corley’s magnificent voice varies from song to song; dependent on the mood he wants to create; with a slide guitar slicing through the foggy air on The End of My Run in a way I’ve not heard in many years. When listened to on headphones, the writer’s almost poetic words had me holding my breath so I didn’t miss a single syllable.
On Easy Mistake Corley glides into Leonard Cohen territory, with a piano and light-jazz bass and drums; plus sweet backing singers on a reflective song just perfect as an accompaniment for a strong drink either side of midnight.
Best listened to late at night; or very, very early in the morning this is grown up music for grown ups; and two songs in particular have touched my soul.
When I first listened to the quietly intense, The Joke I wasn’t sure where it was going; but the (slightly) up-tempo song soon tugged at my well worn heart strings and I eventually found myself sitting clench-fisted and wide eyed by the end; and had to press replay immediately; and it had exactly the same effect …..as it still does two weeks later.
The other is the gentle Unspoken Thing; which has an almost brittle Country-Blues feel to it and again; the more I listen to it the more subtle nuances I can draw out of it.
There’s not a lot else to say; this album has staggered me from start to finish time and time again; and if it wasn’t for the never ending supply of CD’s to review would never have been off my various players across the last month; or months to come.
Please, please, please investigate this album. You won’t regret it.

Released 2014




3 thoughts on “David Corley – Available Light

  1. Well reviewed. My favourite album of last year and probably in my top 10 of all time favourites. Classic return to the 70’s sound! He’s playing Kilkenny Roots Festival next weekend so will see him twice live. Lovely guy also, played over here last year

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