Los Pacaminos (featuring Paul Young) – A Fistful of Statins

los pacaminos deluxe statins

Los Pacaminos (featuring Paul Young)
A Fistful of Statins
Recado Records/Universal Music

If Quentin Tarantino Ever Wants a Spaghetti Western Soundtrack Album, Look No Further.

Just like London buses, you wait ages for one to come along; and lo and behold a shinier newer one arrives just behind the first one.
That’s what has happened here with Los Pacaminos’ first album being re-released only a few weeks ago; and now, here comes their ‘great lost’ 2015 album; repackaged with the addition of a few more wonderful new songs just waiting for your delectation.
I need to start with the album cover; a tongue in cheek homage to Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Western series of films only updated to appease ‘men of a certain age;’ and it not only made me snigger, but made me want to know what was inside, which is surely the whole point of album artwork?
The album opens with a wonderfully atmospheric instrumental called Razorwire; which sounds a bit like the Shadows re-mixed by Ry Cooder…..which is a very good thing indeedy.
Arguably my favourite song, Jump Back Baby comes in next; and the Tex-Mex swing will have you hankering for a warm evening, sticky ribs on the BBQ and a pitcher full of margaritas.
Doesn’t take long for the party to really warm up; and I defy even Chief Ironsides not to want to dance to Don’t Make Me Wait Señorita, Mi Chorizo est Loco and the smoochy Come a Little Bit Closer.
Just like the best soundtracks; Los Pacaminos aint no one track pony; straddling the Mavericks style Mexicana with Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison ballads like the sweet Prairie Serenade and the mournful A Letter to You, where Paul Young really comes into his own.
Other less well known; (unless you are in my inner circle) bands spring to mind too; I couldn’t help thinking of the Waco Brothers on the doleful and self-depreciating Battered and Boozed; and later it was the long lost Balham Alligators with the beautiful Caballero, Our Favourite Things and even more so with Texas Adios.
If you are a Los Pacaminos fan reading this and you haven’t heard of those two bands; I urge you do so immediately.
Two songs in particular caught my attention; but for completely different reasons. Palabras is a rather lovely song sung in Spanish; featuring some exquisite guitar picking; but the tune….hmmm…..of course! They have reinvented The Bee Gees Words as a Mariachi tune. Sheer Genius!
The other is The Girl From Tennessee; a rather jaunty and fun, accordion led song; that owes a bit of a debt to Slaid Cleaves, and Texas Love Song. Don’t get me wrong; I love both songs equally, but what are the odds of two songs rhyming Texas with Solar Plexus?
For once I can’t pick a winner here; but solely because all 17 tracks melt seamlessly into each other and I can’t wait for Summer to arrive so I can play this long into the night; much to the pleasure of my understanding neighbours.

Released May 6th 2016


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