The Mee Kats – All Dressed Up

mee kats 3

The Mee Kats
All Dressed Up
Skip Records SKCD-15

Good Time Rocking and Rolling Fun For Friday AND Saturday Night.

I first saw the Mee Kats a few years ago when they tore up a sunny Saturday afternoon at the SummerTyne Festival with their glorious modern twist on traditional Rock and Roll.
Although drummer and lead vocalist Colin Mee is one of the busiest men in the regional music industry; guesting on records and producing an array of albums in his bells and whistles studio; the Mee Kats aren’t the most prolific of troupes; only ever releasing 2 45rpm singles prior to this LP/CD.
The album certainly cuts a rug with the opening track All Dressed Up; showcasing Colin’s distinctive singing voice; Mandy Mee’s red hot slap-bass and the molten liquid guitar licks of Mr. Tim Bloomer.
The first of Colin’s two self-penned songs, Crazy Over You follows; and sounds very comfortable, rubbing shoulders with the rest of the Rocking and Rolling Rockabilly classics (both minor and major!).
OK, I may not be aux fait with the original versions of most of the other songs; but I do know Colin and Mandy have immaculate taste; with Rockola Ruby, One Hand Loose and the toe-tapping and hip wiggling Diggin’ The Boogie getting me shuffling my feet as I washed the dishes with them as a soundtrack.
Of the songs I did recognise Jeannie With the Dark Blue Eyes sounds a lot rawer and even racier, than I remember and My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It; never sounded anything like this when I was at junior school 50 years ago!
Colin’s second self-penned song; I’m on Fire closes the album; and is arguably the best; and most radio-friendly song here; although I do rather like Make With The Lovin;’ but I would; wouldn’t I?
For a trio; the Mee Kats can really kick up a din; a musical one I hasten to add; with Tim’s mighty fine guitar playing finally finding a home that suits it; after years playing with bands across the musical divide. Let’s not forget Colin’s amazing voice – somewhere between Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and occasionally the young Tom Jones; but he also manages to make his mini-drum kit sound louder (and more in tune!) than Keith Moon’s uber kit; many years ago.
Then there is the real star of the show; the blonde bombshell herself; Mandy Mee around whose Swiss Timing bass everyone else revolves.
I know from bitter experience that the Rock n Roll & Rockabilly scene that The Mee Kats inhabit is very precious about their music; but even the most serious ‘train spotter’ must love this album as much as I do; and even if they don’t I can recommend it as a great way to open the door to a wonderful world of music.

Released February 2016

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