Velvet & Stone – The Storm

velvet stone

Velvet & Stone
The Storm

Effortlessly Graceful Twist on Folk Music.

For all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this six track EP (?) I’m damned if I know what writing style to pigeon hole it in.
The almost epic opening track Fisherman’s Blues is definitely a modern Folk Song; taking it’s story from the trio’s Devonshire roots and the haunting violin, shimmering cymbals, high end guitar parts and a voice from the Heaven’s all add up to create a glorious sound that will stop many a person in their tracks.
Forget About The Rain, is in a similar vein with Lara Snowden and Holly Jo Gilbert-West’s voices combining as one while their acoustic guitars and Kathryn Tremlett’s shimmering violin take the song way out of what is normal territory for English Folk music…..and that’s a good thing.
The addition of a drummer (Andrew Tween) adds a new twist to Same Old Record; with Tremlett’s violin sliding effortlessly into Hot Club Jazz territory, without adversely effecting a gripping song.
In the blink of an eye the EP comes to a dramatic close with the title track, The Storm, which is a strange and enchanting work. Again Lara and Holly angelically harmonise as Jack Henderson delicately picks away at a piano while Kathryn turns her violin into a lead instrument; in the way Graeme Smith did with String Driven Thing and Van Der Graaf Generator, back in the early 1970’s.
I’m not sure if a trio can actually be branded as ‘singer-songwriter’ but perhaps they have invented Prog-Folk (I hope not!) or perhaps Velvet & Stone are just very good at what they do and the listeners will decide; which is how it should be.

Released April 15th 2016

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