Andy Frasco & The U.N. – Happy Bastards

andy frasco 5

Andy Frasco & The U.N.
Happy Bastards
Ruf Records

The Most Fun I’ve Had This Year (With My Clothes On!).

“Start with an explosion; and work up from there,” is a great way to describe opening track Tie You Up; even though it is probably the quietest and even subtlest song here; but it’s more than Rock n Roll enough to get this party started. A well crafted song about a fractious relationship with a heart-stopping ‘drum click’ and guitars that actually sizzle their way out of the speakers; has made HAPPY BASTARDS my ‘go to’ album for car journeys in the last few weeks.
Then when Andy Frasco belts out ‘Temper Your remember/she lives with voices in her head/she’s got everything a man would need/in the palm of her hand’ over a thunderous drum beat from Andee Avila, on You’re The Kinda Crazy ( I Like) has had me headbanging and grinning like a ninny; more than once in the car.
Not everything is foot down, no nonsense boogie; Frasco shows his musical skills on the slightly risqué Hawaiian Blues of Let’s Get Down to Business and the ‘Blue eyed’ Reggae of Here’s to Letting You Down; which is very radio friendly; and a sound that did the Police no harm 30 odd years ago.
I try not to cloud my judgement by reading other reviews before listening to albums; but I did accidentally read one for HAPPY BASTARDS last week; and a more arrogant, snobbish 150 words I have yet to read. OK this album isn’t going to receive any Grammys; but songs like Good Ride and Oh My My (Can’t Get You Off My Mind) are as good as Bar-room Boogie gets; and both have choruses more famous bands would sell their Granny’s for. I’m not even sure the critic had really listened to the ‘tongue in cheek’ Blame It on The Pussy and, my personal favourite…..the anthemic Mature As Fuck!
Seriously how can you take songs like that too seriously? Well he did; and I don’t but with even stronger Shout-along choruses and a toe tapping beat that will get even the drunkest among us on the dance-floor….what’s not to like?
Andy Frasco & The U.N. bring back great memories of the Quireboys, Ugly Kid Joe and even the Bon Scott era AC/DC, managing to tick all of my boxes for a great Friday night out, with the lads and a pocket full of money that won’t find it’s way back home.

RELEASED March 24th 2016

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