Dom & The Ikos – Live (and Loose) at the Hippodrome


Dom & The Ikos
Live (and Loose) at the Hippodrome
Hambone Records

A Little Bit of New Orleans From Deep in the Heart of London Town.

Dom & The Ikos have been a firm favourite at RM Towers for a couple of years now; and their live shows are truly something to behold; so it was with baited breathe when we opened this package last week.
First of all the colourful artwork on the CD cover is certainly eye catching and goes some way to proving my Mam wrong; as you can judge this CD by the cover!
Opening track is the Iko’s jazzy and jaunty interpretation of Hank Williams’ Jambalaya; OK Country purists will probably get an attack of the vapours if they hear this; but I rather like this version.
Next up is a slow and soulful rendition of the Allen Toussaint classic; Get Out of My Life Woman; with Dom sounding like a smoother version of Georgie Fame; if I’m not mistaken.
Only two songs and we are already 15 minutes into the concert; but that’s what you get with the Iko’s; if a tune is worth playing; it’s also worth riffing on.
As usual there is very little between song chat; apart from the perfunctory odd introduction; but hey….it’s the music we want, not chatter.
Although this concert was recorded in 2014 (13th March to be precise) the band sound a lot more ‘mature’ and even ‘focused’ than some of the gigs I’ve seen; and tracks like Pipkin’s own Nothing But the Blues and my personal favourite Skinny Man Skank actually benefit from that approach; plus it makes for a live album that bears repeated plays; which is a bonus in my opinion.
The album comes in at just over an hour long and I presume audience applause has been judiciously edited out; as the likes of Those Lonely, Lonely Nights must surely have garnered a standing ovation, surely?
A wonderful concert comes to a close with Dom and the Iko’s tipping their collective hats to their mentor, Professor Longhair as they showcase their collective talents on a raucous and musically perfect Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Then the evening is wrapped up with their signature tune….Iko Iko; which had me tapping my feet; so I can only imagine that the dance-floor was jam packed with people shimmying, shaking and shuffling along to the finest New Orleans band never to come from Louisiana.

Released March 21st 2016



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