Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers – Cannonball (EP)

howlin ric x

Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers
Gin House Records

It’s Only Rock & Roll; But I Like It!

For some reason I don’t get sent very many Rockabilly or Rock & Roll albums to review; so when I do it’s a bit of an event at Rocking Magpie HQ.
So; after breaking out the leather motorbike jacket and applying the Brylcreem to my quiff I was in a dancing mood; and track #1 Cannonball didn’t disappoint. Sounding a bit like the Ramones covering Eddie Cochran my knees were trembling and my hips a’ shaking as Ric Colley let rip with an authentic twang to his guitar and a sneer in his voice.
Sweet Ella Mae follows suit; and even Mrs. Magpie was shimmying and swaying in time, as she ironed my Al’s Diner bowling shirt (that bits a fib….it was actually a white work shirt).
As I’d hoped this 5 track EP was already like a breath of fresh Yorkshire air and I was ready for more.
Song #3 Take My Hand is a haunting slow, waltz like love song; in the mould of someone like Billy Fury (I’m sure there must be a more authentic American out there; but Billy Fury really did spring to mind).
Whoosh…’s back into a straight up Rockabilly beat, with the frantic Take That Bottle. A frenzied acoustic guitar intro followed by a slap-bass and Ric singing his little heart out on a tale of a typical Saturday night; some-place, some-where – what’s not to like?
For me the best is kept until the end; with the fifth and final song If I Didn’t Care, being a real humdinger and I guess a highlight of the band’s live shows.
Recorded ‘as live’ on 4 Track quarter-inch tape; there is a bit of a ‘rough and ready’ feel to these songs; but that just adds to the atmosphere and there is plenty of that to go around.

Released April 1st 2016


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