Ben Poole – Time Has Come

ben poole x

Ben Poole
Time Has Come
Manhaton Records

Scorching Blues Meets Soul in a Cool Nightclub.

While I’ve been aware of Ben Poole’s name for a couple of years now; our paths have never crossed until I received this shiny new disc; and to say I’ve been surprised at the contents would be a massive understatement.
From what I knew about his history; I expected the young man from Brighton to be yet another hotshot guitarist; throwing everything but the kitchen sink into his solos; how very wrong I was!
The opening track Lying to Me, has a real down and dirty guitar thread and Poole’s voice and the song comfortably straddles the Blues/Soul boundary that acts like Albert King and Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson trail blazed many years ago.
Next track,I Think I Love You Too Much made my head spin 359 degrees when I first heard it as I wasn’t expecting such a soulful, sultry sound; something akin to Robert Cray, I suppose, but a sound very much of his own.
The album carries on in a similar vein; with Ben forging his very own path on late night love songs like If You Want to Play With My Heart and Mrs. Magpie’s favourite Whoever Invented Love; with its gorgeous organ complimenting Poole’s elegant guitar playing.
While there’s more than enough guitar playing here to satisfy existing fans; it’s Poole’s cool voice and the clever way the songs are constructed; that make Time Has Come stand out from the pack.
You’ve Changed is one of those sad love songs that will break your heart; but make you smile at the memories it conjures up; all at the same time; showing what a mature songwriter this young man is.
Be under no illusions that this is an air-brushed big studio recording; there is more than enough edginess on Just When You Thought It Was Safe and the epic, slow and sensual Time Might Never Come to hint at what this guy and his band will produce on a stage.
My personal favourite song (and it was a very difficult choice to make) is the almost carnal Longing For a Woman. We’ve all been there; so turn the lights down low and wallow in the glorious misery that is conjured up and Poole’s guitar licks sizzle and soar like players twice or three times his age.
Ben Poole is the real deal; and what they call a ‘triple threat’ – a great singer; even better guitarist and according to Mrs. Magpie…….”bloody gorgeous!”

Released April 8th 2016


2 thoughts on “Ben Poole – Time Has Come

  1. I saw Ben Poole live last year, and despite attending many big gigs, i have never seen an artist that i was so excited about. His music fills my soul like no other.


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