Underhill Rose – The Great Tomorrow

underhill rose polaroid

Underhill Rose
The Great Tomorrow

Country With a Heart Full of Soul.

As the Rocking Magpie is an eclectic home for music; I end up listening to a lot of music; both good and bad; making this lovely disc like a breath of fresh air over the last few weeks.
Our Time is Done, which opens this endearing CD, is a bittersweet love song in the finest of traditions; with Eleanor Underhill’s lovely voice underpinning a very summery tune, featuring fiddle, banjo and bass in the background.
Next song When I Die is a simple, yet soulful; Country song featuring harmonies straight out of the A stream, reminding me of a band called Po’ Girl or more recently Birds of Chicago with Eleanor Underhill’s voice being a match for Allison Russell.
In one way or another all of the songs included here; on the trio’s third album are atmospheric and in many ways cinematic in the images they conjure up.
Whispering Pines Motel would make a fine theme tune for a film of the same name; full of quirky characters with dark secrets that the lyrics suggest; and Underhill’s breathy voice, even hints at nefarious goings on too.
Montana; is as atmospheric as the title suggests, conjuring up beautiful vistas and cowboys, as Eleanor basks in her memories of a broken relationship in the moonshine; as a fiddle sweeps in and out like a will o’ the wisp and Molly Rose’s guitar sounds like a warm breeze.
The quality of songwriting here is quite extraordinary; so I will have to check out the trio’s two previous albums very soon indeed.
While I’m on the verge of ‘banjo fatigue’ again; Eleanor’s understated playing is the perfect foil for Molly Rose’s guitar and Salley Williamson’s subtle upright bass style on the likes of Rest Easy and the darkly impassioned Straight Up which made my heart skip a beat.
The Great Tomorrow is a really fine piece of work and deserves a big audience; especially Mrs. Magpie’s favourite song …..Love Looks Good on You. Again the harmonies are as delicate as a flower; and the whip smart lyrics will draw you in like a spider with a fly and before you know it; you will be smiling and crying at the same time.
No album this good couldn’t be made without the help of an exceptional back-room; so I tip my hat to Cruz Contreras and Danny Kadar who have done a marvelous job to make everything sound deceptively simple.


Released March 25th 2016



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