Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine EP


Broken Witt Rebels
Georgia Pine EP


Southern Fried Music From a Dolls House.

Oooh, ooh, oooooooh! Opening track Low made my jaw drop wide open and my fingers start wiggling as I was jettisoned back nigh on 40 years to the Stanley Youth Centre Sunday night Disco.
While my keener eared younger and hipper friends may well liken them to the Black Keys or perhaps the Kings of Leon or even Nathanial Rateliff without the brass section; and they wouldn’t be too far wrong; but in Rocking Magpie HQ, singer Danny Core is a dead ringer for Roger Chapman from the vastly under-rated Family; whom I used to ‘head bang’ and ‘freak out’ to in the early 1970’s.
The song itself is a muscular electric Delta-Blues meets Stax at 5 to midnight on sweaty Friday night; with a singer who sounds like he’s throttling the microphone as he breathes bourbon and beer like you or I do oxygen.
A dirty guitar lick from James Tranter kick-starts track #2 Suzie; a greasy love-sick ballad; about Billy Bob and Suzie, who aren’t star crossed lovers who listen to Magic FM; they are hot and horny and the song is too.
Listening to the title track Georgia Pine, you can’t help but think that the Rebels come from Birmingham, Alabama; but no…..they come from Birmingham UK; yet they sound as authentic as anything that crawled out of the Swamps in the last 40 years, so much so you can almost taste the catfish and fried chicken by the final notes.
For some reason I’d expected a song called Getaway Man would be fast n furious; but it’s actually a slow burning acoustic-rocker; bordering on the right side of being a Power Ballad. Again the singer’s throaty warble had me conjuring up images of Roger Chapman gripping the mike for dear life while grimacing because the words stick in his gullet.
The EP only consists of 5 tracks; and the fifth is an absolute doozy. Spark were shooting out of my speakers as the guitar and vocals fight to the death with the drums and bass to be at the forefront; and its the song that wins; and will win over listeners in their droves.
Broken Witt Rebels are worthy successors to those Southern Rockers who used to inhabit the OGWT on a Tuesday night; and forced me into spending my pocket money on the following Saturday. If they can find a similar vehicle to promote their cool music, today’s teenagers will do exactly the same; as will their denim clad Mums and Dads too.

Released April 1st 2016


One thought on “Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine EP

  1. Brilliant review – I’ve been racking my brain trying to think who Danny’s vocals remind me of ….. yes, it’s Roger Chapman! Thanks for letting me sleep tonight! Spot on description of the tracks – took the words right out of my mind.


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