Ben McKelvey – Everything You Were Meant To Be EP


Ben McKelvey
Everything You Were Meant To Be EP

The Spirit of Britpop Rises From The Ashes!

As a precursor to a forthcoming debut album and a prestigious support slot on the upcoming Wet, Wet, Wet tour Londoner Ben McKelvey this EP and it has taken me not only by surprise; but by the short and curlies too!
For a Southern boy there’s more than a hint of Northern Britpop to opening track Stay Young. Flat vowels ala Liam and furiously jangly guitars that aren’t a million miles away from The La’s or the Milltown Brothers (a RM favourite), this anthemic Pop song has been an ‘earworm’ for days and even had me ‘headbanging’ at traffic lights on one occasion.
Woosh…..track #2 Gold, is acoustic; which initially felt a bit odd; but builds to be a real punch to the gut breakup/love song full of thumping drums and a bass line that will rattle your teeth.
The head of steam continues with Goodnight & So Long; McKelvey’s voice now warming up as the (metaphoric) phlegm gets spat out with the lyrics. There’s a pretty threatening electric guitar in the background too; never actually competing with the singer; but I think that will change when played on stage.
I’ll jump forward to track #5; Oh Lady now; another acoustical piece of musical magic; and the sort of song that will appeal to hormonal teenagers and their Dads too.
The short and sweet EP closes with the title track Everything You Were Meant To Be; yet another burning Indie Folk-Rocker; full of jagged acoustic guitar and a chorus just begging to be bellowed out with gusto on a drunken Friday night.
Now it’s back a bit to my favourite song here; the latest single, Sunday. OK the theme; ‘the morning after the night before’ has nearly been done to death; but McKelvey’s exceptional way with words and a melody makes this stand out from the crowd; sounding like a very edgy Kinks or more aptly something from The Verve’s debut album (a firm favourite at RMHQ).
Ben McKelvey has been around for a while; originally in a band called Fluid Lines and if I’m not mistaken could be on the verge of becoming an overnight success after 12 years.

Released February 2014


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