Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall

stevie nimmo l

Stevie Nimmo
Sky Won’t Fall
Manhaton Records

A Real Contender for King of the British Blues.

I first saw Stevie Nimmo in the mid 90’s when The Nimmo Brothers ‘stole the show’ at Stanley Blues Festival. Complete unknowns at the time they took to the stage in the late afternoon just as the beer was taking effect and; if memory serves me correctly; an hour later they were forced to do two encores from an adoring crowd.
Just as the band were on the verge of Global ‘success’ Stevie was diagnosed with cancer in 2009; meaning their touring schedule came to an abrupt halt. Not sitting back and feeling sorry for himself; the elder Nimmo Brother wrote and recorded a solo album, The Wynds of Life as part of his recuperation the following year. Mellower than what his fans expected; it was a reasonably good seller and has stood the test of time.
Now; a mere six years later we have the follow up!
Opening track Chain of Love kick-starts the album kick-starts like a Triumph Bonneville fuelled with nitro-methane! Chain-saw guitars, pounding bass and drums plus Stevie’s trademark deep baritone carve out a Blues Rocker of epic proportions; proving that there’s certainly still life in the old dog.
Next out of the traps is Roll the Dice Again, which may or may not be about his apres-cancer life; and is another rifftastic song that fans will love to little bits.
Thankfully Stevie Nimmo doesn’t get bogged down in Power–Blues like these two tracks; preferring to seamlessly glides through the Blues formats like a shark in in a feeding frenzy.
On the ballad Walk The Thin Line; there’s even a Country-Rock ‘twang’ to the guitars and surprise, surprise harmonies in the chorus and the song itself is a bit of a beauty.
Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for a love song; and Stevie Nimmo obliges with a couple of crackers.
Lovin’ Might Do Us Good is ‘what it says on the tin,’ and also straddles that Country-Rock meets Americana fence; and Nimmo’s songwriting sounds like it’s getting better and deeper all the time; with every song being a little bit different from the one that precedes it.
Running on Back To You, is a contender for my ‘song of the album.’ A brooding soulful look into his heart; and words that will strike a chord with most of us who hear it.
My actual favourite song here; is a real leftfield curve-ball from one of Britain’s foremost Blues Rockers; on Change Nimmo somehow manages to channel his inner Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. Silky smooth vocals and some liquid guitar licks, coupled with a rhythm section straight outta the Stax Boiler Room make for a song that I put onto a Midnight Soul playlist for Mrs. Magpie; and I found her singing along with the chorus one evening when she was doing the ironing (who said love was dead?).
On many other albums; and indeed on another day I would have picked the slow and sexy Gamblers Blues as my best track here; in fact you might and I wouldn’t argue. Reminiscent of Chris Rea at his best it is a power-balled in extremis and perfect for late night radio.
The album closes with a delightful acoustic song, Love You More Tonight which like everything that goes before it proves Stevie Nimmo ain’t no one-trick pony like most of his contempories; this guy has talent way beyond what I, or you expected.

Released Friday 4th March 2016


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