Left Coast Country – Pines Fly By

left coast

Left Coast Country
Pines Fly By

Heartfelt and Classy Contemporary Bluegrass Tunes.

If it wasn’t for the joy of discovering gems like this album, I would have given up this reviewing lark years ago.
As the first track here is pretty much Bluegrass ‘by numbers’; I wasn’t initially fussed on this hi-energy song; but on the back of some exceptional songs that follow; I’ve grown to love it as I kept the album on heavy rotation yesterday.
Track #2 on the other hand ‘had me’ from the end of the first verse. Burning Old Pictures of You; as Country Music just as I love it. Who wouldn’t like a heartbreaking tearjerker with a chorus that goes “I sit here drinking and a smoking/burning old pictures of you.”? I haven’t felt that way for a long time; but I have felt that way and this song puts those feeling to a toe tapping tune.
This song is followed by Mason Dixon Waltz and on the second play I was gone. With a beautiful, but maudlin tune and a sorrowful fiddle; it only took a few minutes for my eyes to well up; and a lump gather in my throat. Again; what’s not to like about Country songs this sad and this well constructed?
The title track Pines Fly By; is yet another sad and tender song; full of scrumptious harmonies put to some gorgeous picking; and had me thinking back to that Poco LP I once picked up in a sale for 50p and played until it wore out.
I like the way Left Coast Country throw in a couple of left turns here; Two Girls strays just far enough from the track to pique your interest and the almost Allman Brothersesque instrumental Sweetgrass actually doesn’t need a single word to keep your attention and that’s high praise from me.
Best of bunch? It has to be Bus Driver. That fiddle and acoustic guitar are as sad as ever, as the singer pour his heart out over his love who has left him for a Bus Driver Man. Will their relationship last? While we all know that the ladies like a ‘man in uniform’; but a Bus Driver? Well that’s the case here; possibly because she gets ‘free rides forever;’ and I love it in all its heart breaking glory.
You ain’t ever going to see Left Coast Country on the CMA or AMA Awards Shows; but I urge you to seek this album out or see them live ASAP.


Released February 27th 2016

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