Wayfaring Strangers (VA)- Cosmic American Music

wayfaring strangers

Wayfaring Strangers
Cosmic American Music

The Spirit of Gram Burns on Brightly and Forever.

Apart from absolutely loving the album cover I didn’t know what to make of this album; especially as I didn’t recognise a single name from the 19 artists and bands featured on the disc of songs recorded between 1968 and 1980; so it lay gathering dust for a couple of weeks. Then one dark and lonely Saturday evening, when Mrs. Magpie was out gallivanting I decided to give the disc a whirl.
YIPPEE KAY AYE music lovers! What a gem it is; reminding me of all those sampler LP’s that record labels released in the 1970’s for 50 or 99p; to bolster my fledgling collection.
The twangfest that gets opening track Travellin’ by Jimmy Carter and Dallas Country Green is a joy to behold, plus it had me tapping my toes within 30 seconds.
I may have to come back to track #2, And I Didn’t Want You, by Mistress Mary because it’s a contender for ‘favourite song;’ and why wouldn’t it be? A tsch-tsch drum beat; gently strummed guitar and wailing pedal-steel as a very sultry Mary tempts her man to ‘jump out of the frying pan/back into my fire again.’ Come on; that is Country music at it’s finest; don’t you think?
There’s not a bad song here; and some of the artists ‘back stories’ are worthy of a song themselves; try The Black Canyon Gang who were genuine working ranch hands who love making music; try listening to their soulful Lonesome City and not wipe away a fleck of dust from your eye.
As I sat listening with the album cover in my hand and reading the accompanying booklet, I was desperate to hear a song called To See Her Smile; because the band is called Arrogance! Now there’s a brave bunch; and they actually pull it off with a respectful nod to bands like The Flying Burritos with their slightly psychedelic sound; but not so much it sounds dated.
Favourite tracks? Mistress Mary is a definite contender, as is the pretty Gentle One by Ethel-Ann Powell (very Joan Baez!) and the epic Buffalo Skinners by Bill Madison. For once I will have to call a tie. All three songs are entirely different; as are the other sixteen which is why I’ve kept coming back to this album; and why I’ve contacted the record company for albums by five of the artists here. Watch this space.
As you would expect and hope; there’s no single style of our favourite Music here; Country music – yes, Hill Music – possibly, Country-Rock – probably plus every song has the spirit of Gram’s Cosmic Americana in every heartfelt note.


Released March 18th 2016