Hunter Hutchinson – Texas Country

hunter hutchinson

Hunter Hutchinson
Texas Country

Another Lone Star Rises Out of Texas.

For some reason I don’t receive very many ‘Country’ Country albums to review; you know; the type that should be on the CMA Awards; but never does, in favour of the same six acts from the last twenty years plus three Rock bands who have included a banjo/pedal-steel to gain ‘crossover’ fans.
So; it was like a breath of fresh Texas air when I first listened to this album by Hunter Hutchinson.
Hunter throws his Stetson into the ring with the opening track Dance The Night Away; which is exactly what you would expect; and life is all the better because of it.
In my books anyone who two-steps with their sweetheart to an ‘old Keith Whitley’ tune, is alright by me; and that’s without the scorching guitar-fiddle duel in the middle.
Most of the album is in that same up-tempo dance style; and that’s something I haven’t heard for a long time, and What Do You Say? and the sloppily cool Wine About It are both lyrically clever; but also destined to leave you with a smile on your face.
Young Mr. Hutchinson isn’t afraid to bare his soul on a ballad too; with the delightful Waiting on a Love Song, sending shivers down my back; in a way I’ve not heard Vince Gill do for many a year.
With a voice that is a match for anyone in the Country Big-Time these days; Hutchison has surrounded himself with a mighty fine band in lead guitarist Kelly Tindall, bass player CJ Nixon, drummer Miller Davis and the glorious talents of fiddle player Tyler Rakowitz and the sublime Dillon Horton on pedal-steel. All of whom play with talent way beyond their tender looking years.
While I love another touching ballad; The Man Who Believes in Me; my favourite song and one that got put onto my Summer playlist for the car; is She’s Gone. Humorous in parts and heartbreaking in others Hutchinson really shows his Songwriting skills on a song that could easily come from the pen of Toby Keith, Tim McGraw or Keith Urban; but doesn’t. It’s from a young man born and bred in Abilene, Texas and still studying at Texas Tech.
Without ever, really resorting to ‘Country cliches’ to get his message across; Hunter Hutchinson really is a talent to look out for and when he brings his debut album to a close with (Me and You and) Texas Too, it had me checking out holidays in the Lone Star State in the hope of catching him playing a club; before he gets drawn into the Big Leagues; as he undoubtedly will.

Released USA March 2015
Released UK & Europe March 23rd 2016

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