Waco Brothers – Going Down In History

waco 9

Waco Brothers
Going Down In History
Bloodshot Records

Still The Ultimate in Kick-Ass Country-Punk.

You hear nothing new for years; then just like London buses, two new albums come along in a matter of minutes.
Just before Christmas we had the vinyl only, Cabaret Showtime release and now it’s time for an adrenaline drenched proper Waco Brothers release – DIYBYOB.
Within thirty seconds of sliding the disc into the car stereo and the title track DIYBYOB shaking the dashboard; I had to rewind back to the beginning as my ears were surely playing tricks on me…….. “This is the first track from the last album/no one knows which way this ship will head.” Mr. Langford spits out of the speakers. Surely the greatest band in Christendom are playing a trick on us? Who knows…only time will tell.
The song itself is a belter; straight out of the Waco’s ‘Big Game Play Book.’ It has absolutely everything you want from a Waco’s song and is right up there with their classics like, Plenty Tough, Cowboy in Flames and even Death of Country Music; but with added Oomph.
Harking back to their Punk Roots; Receiver is as good a three minute, feet apart, thrash the fret and growl into the mic as I’ve heard in years; and with an actual melody for added measure.
Baring in mind they only released that Covers album a couple of months ago it’s a surprise; and a very good one that they include the Small Faces Mod Classic, All or Nothing here. It’s pretty much a note for note cover; but done with as much swagger and heat as the original, and fits in perfectly to the Glam meets Punk at a Country gig in a run down pub vibe, that threads throughout the whole of this glorious album.
Don’t worry, the band haven’t renounced their Country Roots at all; they’ve just moved on and developed a whole new version of 21st Century Psycho-Country-Punk; no one hearing Building Our Own Prison or Going Down in History will think for an instant that these guys are the age they are; as both songs have enough spit and venom in them to power a small sports car.
Deano’s treatment of the loud n nasty, Devil’s Day isn’t a million miles away from anything on my favourite album of theirs; Wacoworld; and again could become a Classic Waco Brothers track.
But; and here’s the rub, they have kept the best for last. Much like Lucky Fool earlier; Jon Dee Graham’s Orphan Song gets a $10 Waco makeover with plenty of Glitterband pounding drums; Wizzard’s distorted 90mph guitars and vocals straight off TOTP in 1976; all shredded through a Bakersfield sieve.
It may still be Country Music; but no one else does like this and certainly; no one else sounds this bloody good.
My only concern is that opening line……say it ain’t so guys!

Released February 26th 2016

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