Henry Wagons – After What I Did Last Night

henry w 2

Henry Wagons
After What I Did Last Night
Metropolitan Groove Merchants

Dirty, Rocking Country That’s Perfect For a Hot August Night.

Yowza, Yowza, Yowza! I think I’ve just discovered the new Dark Prince of Alt. Country…..and he hails from Downtown Australia.
The colony, at the bottom of the world has always had a rich history in Country Music, dating back to the man who brought yodelling to the UK – Frank Ifield through to Superstar Keith Urban; but it’s nearly always been mainstream….until now.
Mr Wagons certainly has a way with the English language; and can tell a whole twisted heartbreaking story in four minutes, or less.
If I’d been casually flicking through the racks of a record store this cool cover and intriguing title would have caught my attention; and if I’d had the foresight to ask the dealer to play track #1 I wouldn’t have been able to get the cash out of my pocket quick enough!
Cold Burger, Warm Fries opens with a pedal-steel and dirty guitar combo, before Wagon’s world weary and slightly hungover voice crawls out of the speakers, to tell a sorely repentant tale after the night before’.
A truly fabulous song that sounds like Neil Diamond singing a Robbie Fulks/Kris Kristofferson co-write when both were at their peak. Praise indeed!
Every song is a pure Classic Country sonnet; and you can tell Wagons has sat with his head stuck next to a tinny speaker every evening since he was a child; absorbing the works of the Masters, Mistresses and failures too.
Drinking, loving, fighting, fussing and…..fornicating all make an appearance at one time or another with Wagon’s distinctive ‘lived in’ voice sounding like the man I fear I am on songs like King Hit and Anything You Want, but it’s the dark anti-love songs that will win him favour in the circles frequented by people like me and you.
Head or Heart has a jaunty Twang fuelled beat to it; but listen to his words and you will hear as good a cheating song as Hank or George ever wrote.
Very much 21st Century Country, Cowboy in Krakow is an absolute doozy; and Only Sane Motherfu**** is Country Jim; but not as we know it!
Bizarrely, the song sandwiched between them is a plaintive love song to his young daughter; and it works in that setting. As I said…bizarre.
Chris Altmann’s pedal-steel stings your eyes throughout; and Roger Kirkpatrick’s searing guitar playing are worth the entrance fee alone; but it will be Henry Wagon’s clever, interesting and oftan humorous songs sung in his droll, distinctive manner (and yes, he does sound like a young Neil Diamond!) that fans will drool over for years to come.
Trust me; you need this album in your collection ASAP.

Released February 12th 2016



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