Dylan LeBlanc – Cautionary Tale

dylan leblanc b

Dylan LeBlanc
Cautionary Tale
Single Lock Records

Graceful and Passionate Lo-Fi Americana

Oh my, oh my…..what have I discovered here?
I was inundated with new music over the holidays; everything from Ska-Punk, through the Blues and coming out the other end with every shade of Roots music you can think of, and after three long weeks of new music I was feeling slightly jaded; but thank Heavens for the sensory overload of Dylan LeBlanc.
From the opening notes of the title track through to the fade out of Paradise, barely 45 minutes later; I was in another world completely and emotionally drained. LeBlanc’s gorgeous, almost pearlescent voice on that opening song goes some way to prepare you for the following 9 tracks; but as a stand alone song it made my jaw drop and my spine tingle in a way that I can only compare to seeing my wife on our wedding day.
LeBlanc’s stories are quite deep and bordering on the bleak at times; Look How Far We’ve Come and the almost epic, Beyond The Veil being prime examples; but they draw you in like a spider toying with a fly; until you are completely under his spell. At first you think they are just harmless ‘songs;’ but you will soon be overcome with emotion and have tears running down your cheeks for no apparent reason.
Earlier, on Roll The Dice the guitar playing could easily be John Williams; but then LeBlanc’s soaring voice takes you on a journey into whole new world on a really subtle love song.
All ten songs are exceptionally well crafted; with so many things going on they often sound almost Classical in construction; but my two favourite songs are Passionate which closes the record and the fragile beauty of Lightning and Thunder; which is both ethereal and haunting; but with a delicate melody that had my humming along in (sort of) harmony.
Produced by John Paul White (Civil Wars) and Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), there’s a delicate Country ‘feel’ to some songs here; helped by a pedal-steel; but overall this takes me back to the first time I heard the Trinity Sessions by the Cowboy Junkies or Mykonos by Fleet Foxes, and; if you will imagine those two groups channeling Roy Orbison and you will understand why this Lo-Fi Americana sound is so very exciting.


Released 16th January 2016


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