Shields – How Can We Fix This?

shields c

How Can We Fix This?

21st Century Schizoid Synth Pop For The Now Generation!

Music like this isn’t normally my cup of tea; but being named after my favourite seaside resort and hailing from my neck of the woods; I thought I’d give it a go.
In fairness it took nearly four plays; on a long car journey before I was ‘won over’, but ‘won over’ I most certainly am.
From the opening song Technicolour; I can see why Shields can become the darlings of the next generation of Student freshers. A delicious hook melts into some delicious harmonies on a song that is totally unafraid to be Pop with a capital P.
I’m totally out of touch with Radio 1 & 6 these days; so I have no idea if this is what the kids listen too; but if they don’t they most certainly should – especially the single Face to Face, with it’s echoes of Heaven 17 and Josef K; the synth/bass combo is just perfect for any dance floor and Luke’s vocals are as heady as a Vodka Martini (stirred, not shaken).
The first song to really catch my attention was the title track, How Can We Fix This? It’s so Poptastic I had visions of me hunting out my old ‘pegs’ trousers and flouncy shirt again; then getting my haircut in a Soulboy fringe and dancing the night away in somewhere called Tiffany’s or Julies. Instead, I will content myself with wearing a pair of Levis with a Fila polo shirt and a pair of Diadora Borg Elites and dancing around the kitchen to Mezzanine -Retro Rules OK.
As a dance-floor Diva from the 80’s myself ; I can easily imagine teenagers today going wild for songs like Again and Again, as soon as the DJ puts them on the turntable and the finale I Don’t Know What You Want; is surely destined to become the Anthem of the Summer at all of the Festivals (that I read about in the hip papers).
With one foot in the past and the other most certainly in the future; Shields sound as fresh and exciting a band as a teenager could wish for; and with a cracking bunch of songs like these the future is theirs for the taking.
There is plenty of Indie edge and energy here; and the collective musicianship is exceptional; but Say it loud; Shields are Pop and Proud!!news/n9992

Released February 26th 2016


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