Rocking Magpie Readers Top 10 Reviews 2015

Rocking Magpie Readers Top 10 Reviews 2015

It’s that time of year when we inundate you with lists; and the Rocking Magpie is no different; here’s the Top 15 Reviews of 2015 based on ‘hits’ and ‘reads’ from you the readers of The Rocking Magpie – as you will see; it really is an eclectic mix; with just about every artist involved being left of centre, and hardly mentioned anywhere else on the internet or more importantly in print magazines or newspapers!

1. Mark Morris – The Taste of Mark Morris
2. Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton – Recorded Music For Your Entertainment
3. Logoz & Friends – Academy Newcastle
4. Marshall Crenshaw – #392 The Next Train
5. Peesh – 13.1 Acoustic Calender
6. Ocean Carolina – Maudlin Days
7. Whitney Rose – Heartbreaker of the Year
8. Kontiki Suite – The Greatest Show on Earth
9. Kacey Musgraves – Sage Gateshead
10. Kaz Hawkins – Get Ready
11. This is England – Soundtrack
12. The Jam – Fire and Skill (box set)
13. Texas Martha and the House of Twang – Long Way From Home
14. Chantel McGregor – Lose Control
15. Frankie Lee – American Dreamer.



Feel free to comment and/or add your own favourite albums in the comment box below.

You know our motto….The Rocking Magpie leads…..others follow!

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