Lynne Hanson – 7 Deadly Spins

lynne hanson

Lynne Hanson
7 Deadly Spins
Continental Record Services

Songs for a Lonely Journey on a Long Dirt Road

We live in a very small world now don’t we? One of our regular readers got in touch about this album, after hearing a track on an Americana Radio Show broadcast in heartlands of North Yorkshire. Coincidentally the DJ himself; a member of Americana UK got in touch a week later asking if I’d like a copy of the album!
Yesterday I was on another boring car journey when Cecil Hotel popped up on the Ipod shuffle and I found myself double checking to see if this was a track by Lucinda Williams or Mary Gauthier that I’d forgot about. It wasn’t; but it’s certainly in their league.
Smoky vocals, rolling guitars and a pedal-steel that will make your spine ache accompany a humdinger of a sad Country song that features the immortal lyric ‘I sleep with one eye open/and a shotgun by my bed.’ You have to take notice of a song like that don’t you?
I then put the album on and following the darkly beautiful slice of Country-Folk, Gravedigger that opens the all too short album I was entranced for the next two hours.
Run Johnny Run; is the type of Honky-Tonk tune you dream of hearing coming out of a Nashville or Austin bar; but somehow never do; but that possibly because this native of Ottawa in Canada doesn’t play there often enough!
Out of the seven tracks here it’s nearly impossible to separate them for quality or sustainability; but I have to go for the slightly Gothic, Black Widow for my favourite track here. Strong, imaginative story that, again evokes memories of songs by Lucinda and Mary Gauthier at their very finest.
A pin sharp production by Lynn Miles really showcases Lynne Hanson’s delightfully, weary and weather beaten voice while an assortment of instruments purr in the background like a Classic Car engine.

Released 31st October 2015

# The Radio Show is The Horseshoe Lounge


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