Lindsay Lawler – 2 Peaches 6 Cookies

lindsay lawler rr

Lindsay Lawler
2 Peaches 6 Cookies
Red River Girl Music
CD Baby

Keepin’ it Country

Only a couple of weeks I was bemoaning the fact that no one was sending me ‘roper’ Country albums any more; then ‘as if by magic’ this arrived in the post; followed by another 5 from both the UK and USA.
As soon as I saw the cover and enigmatic title I was pretty sure I was going to like the contents’ and by jimminy I was right.
The opening track starts with some delightful piano and maudlin fiddle before that fiddle gets warmed up and Lindsay’s sultry voice kicks into first, then instantly second gear on This is Gonna Hurt; a really bouncy break-up song.
Straddling the Classic Country of Reba and Martina, with the Outlaw side of Elizabeth Cook and Stacie Collins; Lindsay punches you right in the heart with Drink About You’ a song the first two ladies there would be proud to cover.
Goodbye/Go is a real humdinger too; perfect for daytime radio or belting out loud on the car-stereo.
Hate That I Love you is a genuine Old-School duet; with Lindsay letting him know his place and he’s on his last warning; but they both know she won’t really let him go. Hope that’s not a spoiler.
Again; there’s not a bad song here; but two in particular stand out as timeless and Classy Country songs of the finest order.
Train Wreck is an absolute belter; about a young woman who regularly goes out for ‘just one drink’ but comes home ‘still in last nights clothes/whisky on her breath/smelling of cigarettes’ after ‘standing on the bar singing Skynard song!’ Great imaginative lyrics and a tune to die for. Loved it.
But; and it was only by a whisker, my favourite track here is the beautifully sad, Let’s Be Lonely Together. That haunting fiddle makes another appearance on the saddest duet of the year; with the couple both knowing they are wrong for each other, but………..
In typical Country fashion; and the type of ‘proper’ Country I adore nearly all of these songs are about lovin,’ leavin, regrettin’ and rememberin’ and sung with a sassy panache from start to finish.

Released Nov 2015


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