Tina Refsnes – No One Knows That You’re Lost

tina r

Tina Refsnes
No One Knows That You’re Lost

Quintessential English Folk Music Filtered Through a Norwegian Fjord

Before I read the Press Release that accompanied this album I was convinced that Tina Refnes was an English Rose; what else could she be with her crystal clear annunciation and intelligent use of prose. Well; dear reader Ms. Refsnes did spend four years living in Liverpool; but hails from the small Norwegian town of Floro; and has lived in Oslo for several years now.
Track #1 I Don’t Know begins with an interesting drum pattern followed by Tina’s clear-cut voice on one of the more upbeat songs on the album; but even then it is reminiscent of early Cowboy Junkies or perhaps our own Kate Rusby.
That song only gives you a false sense of security because immediately afterwards Leave This heart is melancholic, Gothic even song that really showcases her voice and intricate songwriting skills.
Only four songs in I knew that this wasn’t ‘background music’ and I had to stop what I was doing and concentrate. The Heart Wants Its Way is a tragically fragile song, that will be best listened to late at night, surrounded by flickering candles and an already broken heart. This is probably true of most songs actually; as none of them are easy-listening; all are stories that demand your full attention.
I think it was on the fourth play of the album that I realised halfway through Told that I was holding my breath; possibly because I didn’t want anything to obscure what I was hearing. Not something I remember ever doing before.
My favourite song here is the lovely Spoilt Rotten Blues; where Tina Refsnes manages to combine the quirkiness of Bjork with the harmonies and soaring vocals of the Unthanks.
By the time you get to the final track, Song About Trust you will doubt your ears and brain and immediately have to go back to the beginning.
I’m writing this on a grey, cold and wet November Sunday; making ‘No One Knows That You’re Lost’ a perfect soundtrack.


Released November 6th 2015


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