Trevor Sewell Band – Hollow

Trevor Sewel vl

Trevor Sewell Band

Alt.Blues from Northern Guitar-Slinger.

While a stalwart of the local music scene for many years; Trevor Sewell became an overnight success a couple of years ago when his second album Independence won several prestigious Blues awards in the US of A.
Following a live acoustic album; recorded and released following those awards; Hollow is his third studio album; and wow has he made a massive leap forward.
Blues music comes in many shapes and formats; personally I love a good guitarist; but one who lets his instrument accompany his songs (or her songs) and Mr. Sewell does that with great elegance.
Opening with the title track Hollow; Trevor throws his fans a curve ball by adding some mystical African drumming to the background of a razor sharp song, about losing the one you love, and will be worthy of even more Awards, if I’m not mistaken.
Track two, Shaky Ground is actually familiar territory with Sewell’s world weary Northern voice taking us on a sad, lightly political (with a small p) song about not leaving home and the people you love; when the going gets tough. A song that will resonate with many reading this in the North East and, indeed around the world. This is the real Blues, baby.
Trevor changes track again on the delightful, As Long as I Can Breathe when he includes a mandolin in the background on a delightful love song about sticking together through thick and thin; something the young ‘uns around us could do well to listen to.

Tucked away in the middle is a classic slice of heavy British Blues that does the genre proud after all these years; Ain’t That The Truth could be a lost Free, or possibly even a Cream track; but it’s not, it’s the Trevor Sewell Band in all their majesty; and not to be ignored at any price.
After playing the album 5 or 6 times it suddenly dawned on me who Trevor Sewell reminds me of a wonderful Chris Rea/Joe Cocker/Eric Burden hybrid! The guitar playing here will appeal to fans of those Superstars too.
With that in mind; my favourite and arguably best track on the album is kept until second to last. All I Need is the Truth is a terrific story; classic Modern Blues song sung as if the guys life depends on getting his message across and the searing guitar will set your hair standing on end.
The album ends with Hollow Pt2. and from the spooky guitar/harmonica interplay that opens it will have you sitting to attention and the reprise is a great way to close a really interesting and memorable album.
Trevor Sewell has shown his credentials on previous releases; and here he doesn’t take any prisoners, but will win legions of new fans across both sides of the Atlantic.

Released November 13th 2015

3 thoughts on “Trevor Sewell Band – Hollow

  1. You sir nailed Trevor Sewell to the tea. Trevor join with me and my wife Janice Brown on my “Soul Side” album for the 58th GRAMMY Awards this year. He is on of the finest men I have know in the music biz and we have yet to meet in person.

    Thanks for the US of A,

    Bishop Monte Stephens

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