Jas Patrick – Inky Ovine (EP)

jas patrick

Jas Patrick
Inky Ovine (EP)
Tiny Lion Records

British Indie-Soul Straight Outta East Nashville!

Some months I receive so much new music some albums can get lost in pile; and that’s what nearly happened here. INKY OVINE arrived as a download instead of my preferred CD format; but it still went onto the I-player; but without being heard. As regular readers will know a lot has happened in my life over the last four weeks; so I picked my music very carefully to suit my mood(s) so it’s with some embarrassment that it was only this morning that the title track Inky Ovine itself snuck out of the car stereo when I put the music on ‘random.’
Wow! Who the Hell is this? I pondered as I pulled the car over. I didn’t even recognise the name; but swiftly found the album and had my mind blown over the next half hour.
Opening track Harpy starts with a really ‘heavy guitar groove’ reminiscent of someone like Humble Pie or Free in their heyday; with Patrick’s rough around the edges voice; perfect for this strutting little Blues-Rocker.
Next track Party Line (Classified), opens with some sweet acoustic guitar before Patrick goes all Stanley Road era Paul Weller; but with a little more ‘oomph’ – so far; so bloody good.
The title track Inky Ovine (no I don’t know what it means either) opens with a sub-reggae beat before Jas Patrick totally raises his game on a luscious slice of Psychedelic- Britpop (?) that must surely be influenced by Stevie Winwood and Traffic and I absolutely love it; especially the UB40 groove in the middle.
I’m pleased to say the laid-back Little Bug; which follows, stays in exactly the same vein, only with some 12 string guitar and sweeping strings in the middle section are spell-binding; as is the song itself.
Didn’t Ask starts with some bizarre sound effects but once you get past that the track really showcases Patrick’s distinctive voice; which is very, very similar to Stevie Winwood circa 1980; although some of the guitar and keyboard playing could be lifted straight from the Blind Faith album; but I’m sure that’s just an influence 😉
The EP closes with the glorious Snow Day; which while similar in feel and approach to the other tracks somehow manages to be a couple of rungs better; perhaps it’s the lyrics or perhaps the funky bass line, but whatever it’s a peach.
What a find! So you ask, which part of God’s Country does young Mr Patrick come from….well it’s actually the Nashville part. Yes; my head spun when I got around to reading the bio; but that just aids this music in my book; because it must be all too easy to go along with the Americana/Alt. Country crowd instead of following your heart. In this case Jas Patrick has just done that and created the best British album (EP actually) that I’ve heard this year; and it took a Tennessean to do it!
Now bring on an actual album.


Download – September 26th 2015
Album – November 2015


2 thoughts on “Jas Patrick – Inky Ovine (EP)

  1. Another intriguing release. Just checked it out on emus, so my monthly allocation is due, early next week and I’ll give it a go.


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