This is England 90 (Soundtrack) – Various Artists

this england 90

This is England 90 (Soundtrack)
Various Artists
Universal Music

Bangin’ Tunes for the Loved Up Generation

I have to admit that I never actually went to a Rave; as I was happily married with two kids; but contented myself with the music and listening intently and jealously to friends who did
Others have tried and failed miserably to capture the mood and magic of those heady years; but Shane has done both immaculately well and this Soundtrack album is as good a ‘Best Of’ as you will find.
Like all genres everyone will have their own memories and favourite tracks; but like previous soundtracks to this series Meadows has selected a cross-section of songs and erred on the more commercial side; which is no bad thing in my book.
Opening with the key characters discussing the possibility of a Discotheque that evening featuring the music of some Manchester bands including the Wanky Swank of Ian Brown; you start with a massive grin then we slide into the unmistakable intro to Fools Gold by the Stone Rose; you know you are on a trip to Musical Heaven and back.
In fairness this musical period has been vastly overlooked but songs like Happy Monday’s Step On, the La’s There Shoe Goes and Killer by Adamski but featuring the amazing voice of Seal are three quintessentially perfect English Pop songs from any decade and deserve another airing.
Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face left me cold first time around; as I think did James with Come Home; but both were intrinsic parts of the relevant scenes in the drama so deserve their place too.
Of the original music scored by the enigmatic Ludovico Einaudi, strangely only two pieces make an appearance with Experience sounding quite exquisite when listened too amongst all the Pop trivia.
The way the playlist has been conceived is clever too, with excerpts of dialogue interspersing some key pieces of music; and even on their own they are invariably very, very funny too baring repeated listening.
Out of interest there are two brand new songs featured here and Kiko Bun’s fresh treatment of Toots and the Maytal’s 54-46 (Was My Number) might even be worth the entry price alone; although TOYDRUM’s God Song (featuring Gavin Clark) coulgd easily be a long lost Club Classic as it captures every heartbeat and drumbeat from those few fragile years in four minutes and seventeen seconds.
What can I say? Your Grannie is unlikely to purchase this by accident with her Big Shop in the ASDA is she? This is for those of us who were ‘there’ and those too young but wish they had been.
Great cover artwork too btw.

Released October 2nd 2015

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